Limited Edition & NFT guide


Limited edition art series are high-end collections offering a limited number of exclusive artworks. Each acquisition comes with an NFT token that certifies the authenticity of the acquired physical artwork, thus ensuring its rarity. Through this association with the blockchain, all information regarding the sale and origin of each artwork is immutable and accessible. These NFT contracts are created through OpenSea, a well-known platform for such transactions.


In the world of art, an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is like a "digital certificate of authenticity." It is a unique token based on the blockchain that proves ownership and originality of a digital or physical artwork. Artists can create NFTs for their creations, ensuring the artwork's authenticity and preventing easy copying or reproduction. Collectors can purchase these NFTs to officially own the artwork while leaving a transparent and verifiable trace of the transaction on the blockchain. This provides artists with a new way to sell their creations and collectors with ownership of unique digital art pieces.


**Step 1: Install Metamask**

1. Open your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Firefox, or Brave) and go to the website
2. Download the Metamask extension for your browser by clicking "Get Chrome Extension" (or "Get Firefox Extension" based on your browser).
3. Follow the instructions to install the extension. Once installed, you will see the Metamask icon in your browser's extension bar.

**Step 2: Create a Metamask Account**

1. Click on the Metamask icon in your browser's extension bar to open the extension.
2. Click "Get Started."
3. In the next screen, click "Create a Wallet."
4. You will be prompted to create a secure password for your Metamask wallet. Enter the password and click "Create."
5. After accepting the terms of use, you will see a 12-word backup phrase. It is essential to keep these words secure as they will allow you to recover your wallet if needed. Note them down in order or use a secure storage method such as a physical safe. Then, click "Next."
6. Confirm the order of the backup words by selecting them from the list and click "Confirm."
7. Your Metamask account is now created! You can view your Ethereum address in the extension.

**Step 3: Submit Your NFT Request by Visiting the Page: Retrieve Your NFT**

1. Purchase one or more limited edition artworks on the website.
2. Access your email and review the email summarizing your order. You will find a token certifying the purchase of your limited edition artworks. Copy this token and paste it into the "Token" field of the form.
3. Fill in the dedicated fields with your name and email address.
4. Return to the order confirmation email to retrieve the order number, then enter it into the "Order Number" field on the form.
5. In another tab, open the Metamask extension, retrieve your Ethereum address, and paste it into the "Wallet" field of the form.
6. Congratulations! You have now submitted your request. If all fields are valid, you will receive your NFT within 2 days.

**Note:** Ensure that you provide a valid Ethereum address to receive your NFT. We strongly recommend using Metamask as indicated in the tutorial. We cannot be held responsible if you provide an invalid address, as this would result in the loss of your NFT(s).

Congratulations! You have successfully retrieved an NFT on OpenSea using Metamask. You can now enjoy your unique and verifiable physical and digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain.